☐ SHWDOBXO ☐ are a collection of 111 “one-of-one” hand made 3D designs by JeffJag from May 2021 to March 2022. The playfully misspelled ‘Shadow Boxes’ are series 2 of Nobody Feels Time.’

ALL SHWDOBXO NFTs will now reveal as soon as they are minted. Head over to SHWDOBXO on OpenSea to check out the secondary market.

To purchase, click “Connect Wallet” button below, choose your wallet, then select how many you’d like to mint after the button turns to “Mint NFT” – The price is 0.07Ξ per NFT. If you have any trouble, you can mint SHWDOBXO on NiftyKit

Current Sales:


  • ☑︎ 1/1 Artworks are minted randomly, not in the order they were created – Art is the Utility
  • ☑︎ Each SHWDOBXO created by hand, mouse, wacom tablet, and GPU power; one artwork at a time
  • ☑︎ 6,144px Resolution image size is future proof and print ready
    • The final ‘Check Box’ item will be to offer a limited-run print store for YOUR NFTs to be printed and signed by JeffJag. *This will be an additional cost due to Printing/Shipping, but will ONLY be available to collectors for a limited time – more info to come
  • ☑︎ 111 Unique ERC721 tokens on the immutable Ethereum blockchain using custom NiftyKit DropKit smart contract


  • ☑︎ Public SaleMINTING NOW until sell out
    • ☑︎ 0.07𝝣 Public price (limit 10/wallet)
  • ☑︎ Reveal Dates – “Shadow UN-boxing”
    • ☑︎ First partial reveal was Friday March 18th (my 1 year Clubhouse Birthday)
    • ☑︎ Next reveals to be determined. I’m considering revealing in small increments so future mints will reveal automatically – but not reveal the entire collection
  • ☑︎ AuctionTBD Final animation will be put up for auction no earlier than the 77% Check Box milestone (86 NFTs). More polls and additional rendering time may be needed to finish token #111 before the auction can start
  • ☑︎ Signed Print StoreTBD Opens no earlier than 99% sold out collection (110 NFTs). “Token Gated” means this print store will only be available to owners of a SHWDOBXO NFT. It will offer 3 tiers of print quality and prices to choose from – and the owner can only buy a signed print of the NFT(s) they own. A snapshot of which tokens are owned by which wallets will be taken 1 day before the print store opens to give owners time to buy/sell/exchange their tokens on the secondary platforms


I’m deeply driven by the idea of controlled chaos in Abstract Art. I love the element of experimentation and discovery that comes from being out of control in the way my choices play out. Ultimately I prefer to maintain control over the results.

I love the way this plays out with my watercolor artworks in the way the paint spreads through the water and soaks into the paper. I love the way controlled chaos presents in digital illustration through the use of custom brushes, blending smudge brushes, and distortion tools. In my 3D artwork it plays out through the physics simulations of the objects that fall into the boxes, and the way light interacts with translucent materials by reflecting off and refracting through the objects. The way the sticks and blocks land in the box creates an abstract pattern that I find is beautiful and unique.

I’m also inspired by the way modern rendering software can accurately mimic how light and shadow appear in the real world. I call this look Abstract Realism. The shapes and forms and compositions are geometric with chaotic patterns and colors, but rendered in photo realistic ways. I put a lot of thought and effort into the color and texture of the materials and the box itself, as well as the light sources used. It was all selected and tested to make sure it worked well in color harmony, not just randomly selected.

The basic construct of the SHWDOBXO is a concave box cut out of an infinitely wide and deep surface. Smaller items are dropped into the box. There are short sticks, longer sticks, big blocks, little blocks, other geometric shapes like circles, hexagons, and triangles, and some other random items like mist, clouds and lights.

Light, shadow, materials, and form are the main components of experimentation and the interplay between those elements is what drives each to unique results.

Each image features the results of a dynamic 3D physics simulation. The items are arranged in mid air then dropped into the environment. I choose the best moment in time of the simulation based on the composition of how the items fall.

Rendering each image was not a one and done process either. Many of the images in this series took over 20 hours to render at this 6K size, and more than half the images were discarded along the way for quality control or aesthetic reasons. Sometimes things don’t always turn out. But I tweak and render again, hoping for something magical and unique.


  • ☑︎ 11% Sold – (12 NFTs) STARTED March 3rd to DESIGN & ANIMATE the final piece of the collection based on community input in a series of twitter or blog polls. The polls will be ongoing from @SHWDOBXO & @jeffjag Twitter and this website. Progress shots and test renders will be posted on social media as I create. Scroll down to see the polls below.
  • 32% Sold – (36 NFTs) The first “Shadow UN-Boxing” (partial reveal) went swimmingly on March 18th in a Clubhouse room on my first year anniversary of getting into NFTs. Share yours on Twitter and tag @JeffJag and @SHWDOBXO – The OpenSea collection page is also embedded below. Scroll down
  • 77% Sold – (86 NFTs) FINAL ANIMATION (upon completion) will be put up for auction as 1/1 – Everyone who bids will be airdropped a hand selected NFT “cel” or frame from the animation.
  • 99% Sold – (110 NFTs) SIGNED PRINTS store for the SHWDOBXO NFTs you own (size/price/material to be determined). *This will be an additional purchase not included in the price of the NFT due to the cost of shipping and printing.


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